Electrogas Welding For High Tensile Steel

Mild steel & High Tensile Steel: Electroslag Welding and Electrogas Welding


1.  Electrode Recommendation:

1. ESW(Electroslag Welding):

Electroslag welding was so called SESNET (Simplified Electroslag Welding Process with Non-consumable Elevating Tip) usually used to make square-groove weld for box column in steel construction segment. It is a high-efficiency welding process in which a non-consumable nozzle, which is used to guide the electrode, is designed to elevate automatically as welding progresses.


The SESNET process is most effective when it is used to weld. In order to avoid poor feeding wire or conductivity, standard package forms usually by drums. Ensure wire feeding smoothly with good copper coating on wire surface would be avoid welding bead apperance poor penetration and slag inclusion defect.


In accordance AWS A5.25 classification, the wire types include both solid and composite metal cored. And fluxes were classified by tensile strength and impact value.


See below chart for classification and usage:

Wire types


Weld Metal Composition


Weld metal types

Solid wire



1.Medium-Manganese Classes: EM5K、EM12、EM12K、EM13K、EM15K 

2.High-Manganese Classes: EH14 

3.Special Classes: EWS(Weather resistant)、EA3K(Heat resistant)、EH10K、EH11K、ES-G


Metal Core Flux Wire








(2)EGW (Electrogas Welding):

Electrogas Welding is a continuous vertical position arc welding process but self-shielding is sometimes used. In EGW, the heat of the welding arc causes the electrode and workpiece to melt the flow into the cavity between the parts being welded. This molten metal solidifies from the bottom up, joining the parts being welded together.


EGW process usually use CO2 or MIX GAS (Argon, Argon/CO2, Argon/He Mixing Gas). A Self-shielding is sometimes used. In general, the flux cored usually large diameter but solid wire also been used. The welding recommendation as following condition





Workpiece thickness



AISI Grades 1008 to 1020

Current type

AC or DC

Current range

400 ~ 700A





In accordance AWS A5.26 classification, the wire types include both solid, flux cored and metal cored. And specification would be classified by tensile strength, impact value and weld metal composition.



Welding wire

Weld metal compositon

Wire types

Weld Metal types

Solid wire



EGXXS-1 / -2 / -3 / -5 / -6 / -6 / -D2 / -G 


Please refer AWS A5.26 Chapter A1 & A7


Flux cored and Metal cored






Please refer AWS A5.26  Chapter A7




2.Working instruction

(1)Storage management:

Be aware of wire scramble due to drum damaged.

②In general drum package formed by paper. Please keep away heat and high humid ambient.

For Coil package form, please be careful wire damage or exposure humidity during moving.



Check wire feeding direction from drum and be aware of wire scramble issue.

②In order to avoid poor penetration and slag inclusions defect. Please ensure wire feeding moving average works perfect.




AWS A5.26 EG72T-1
JIS Z3319 YFEG-21G
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