Research And Development

Since 1973, Sorex team dedicates to the related research on welding material. This team works closely with experts to create product development and improve production processes. The four principles “professional quality, full participation, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement” is our quality policy, and to recruit the top universities talent in the material & chemical field. With continuous improvement of raw materials formula and production process, Sorex provide customer excellent quality welding products.

To improve the efficiency of welding, Sorex Welding R&D team is committed to the development of high efficiency welding materials, and research and development of low smoke welding consumables, to improvement of the site of welding personnel operating environment, and the other customer needs to further development of customized welding consumables.

The raw material inspection will be gone through X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer(XRF), Carbon Sulfur Analyzer, Oxygen Nitrogen Analyzer, Chlorine Content Tester, Multiphase Carbon-Hydrogen-Moisture Determinator and others, to provide the complete inspections for all raw materials.

In terms of finish product inspection, the use of Stationary Metal Analysis Spectrometer, Univeral Testing Machine, Pendulum Impact Tester, Rockwell Hardness Tester of a variety of detection methods to insist the highest product quality and not to deliver the faulty products to the customer hands. Through the implementation of quality policy, making the first product can be used in the shipbuilding, power plants, petrochemical, bridges, steel, pressure vessels, marine engineering, wind power, maintenance, steam locomotive and other industries.

Through the advanced equipment, in the process of raw material control, production process and finished product inspection to assure the highest quality and offer customer the professional, stable product quality, which is always the top priority of Sorex Welding CO.,LTD.

Inspect Machine

X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer

Rigaku zsx primus ii delivers rapid quantitative determination of major and minor atomic elements, from beryllium (be) through uranium (u), in a wide variety of sample types with minimal standards.

Stationary Metal Analysis Spectrometer

The unit analyzes and identifies metals evaporated by spark discharge inside. In the process, the released atoms and irons are excited and emit light, which the light is directed into the optical systems and measured using PMT technology.

Multiphase Carbon-Hydrogen-Moisture Determinator

Model rc612 quantifies the carbon and water present in various organic and inorganic samples such as powders or flat strips, and identifies the source of several types of carbon content.

Oxygen Nitrogen Analyzer

Emga-800 series are used for measuring the concentrations of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen within materials such as steel or ceramics.

Carbon Sulfur Analyzer

Emia-320v2 allows simultaneous measurements of the Content of carbon and sulfur, and is configured.

Diffusible Hydrogen Analyzer

This system is designed to measure diffusible hydrogen in deposited metals with the principle of gas chromatograph applied. A gas chromatograph is an instrument to measure volumes of individual components with a dissimilarly mixed gas separated into components. The principle is to use a liquid-stationary-phase (a microscopic layer of liquid) and a gas-mobile-phase (a carrier gas) under the different conditions that separates the compounds in a mixture in the process; the stationary phase is a solid and the mobile phase is a liquid in column chromatography.

Rockwell Hardness Tester

The model hr-430-mr is equipped with an automatic brake and start system that stops the application of tue initial (minor) test force and starts the total (major) test force cycle. It provides a simple operating interface, and works without the need to cut a hole in the table as different to other models.

Open Crosshead Servo Control Univeral Testing Machine

The unit serves widely testing strength in tension, compression, bending, elongation, shearing, peel-off, torsion, and hardness of non-ferrous materials.

Pendulum Impact Tester

The model 1t406 is a pendulum impact tester that determines the impact resistance of metals by catching the swinging pendulum at the optimal position and returning it to the latched starting point. It applies to specifications of charpy configurations.

Oil Content Analyzer

The main feature is the standard analysis of oil residues for the determination of degreasing capacity of the cleaning equipment in the field of precision machinery and semiconductors, the assessment of the residual oil of the machined oil and the abrasive material, and the detection of the drainage samples mixed with the floating materials. Samples have been tested for oil extraction.

Halogen Moisture Analyzer

Applicable to laboratory and production site. Quickly and uniformly dry the sample to obtain accurate, well reproducible moisture determination results.

Chlorine Content Tester

Test of chloride ion concentration in water, automatic temperature correction formula and high performance chloride ion electrode.


Mp30e is suitable for ferrite content measurement in weld metal and clad layers of austenitic or duplex stainless and for determination of the ratio of ferrite in austenitic stainless steels.