Electrogas Welding For Low-Alloy Steel

LOW ALLOY STEELElectroslag wire



According to AWSA5.25, electroslag wire can be classified to solid wire and metal cored wire. Fluxes are classified by tensile strength and impact.


See below chart for classification and usage:

Wire classification

Bare wire composition

Weld metal composition

Bare wire classification

Weld metal classification

Bare wire


To be classified


1.Medium manganese steel:

Classified to EM5K, EM12, EM12K, EM13K, EM15K


2.High manganese steel:EH14


3.Special usage:

Classified to EWS

(atmospheric corrosion resistance), 


(heat resistance), 

EH10K, EH11K, ES-G


Metal cored wire



To be classified


Classified to EWT1, EWT2, EWT3, EWTG.




2.Welding Operation


①The packing of drum pack should avoid any depression by crashing, because it will cause the wire crossed.

②The drum pack, normally used with paper packing material, should be store in the environment without high temperature and humidity. 



①Before using, check if the wire is crossed, and the direction of guide board is correct.

②When automatic wire feeding machine works with swing function, check if the swing is smooth, to avoid incomplete melting.




SF-60 x SWE-60G

JIS Z3353 YES61
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