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Introduction of Carbon Steel metal cored Welding Wire

The development of metal-type flux-cored welding wire began in the mid-20th century. It is a product similar to "slag-type" flux-cored welding wire. Its welding flux is mainly metal powder, and a small amount of deoxidizer and arc stabilizer are added. After welding, just like solid welding wire, it will only form intermittent island-shaped oxide film on the welding bead.

Welding Gas Shield Characteristics Introduction

Welding gas shield includes CO2, Argon, Helium, O2, and mixed gas. It protects the melting process and keeps outer air away into the weld while welding, that of being a media to cause different arc characteristics.Gas characteristics, not only affects the protective effects but also affects the arc status and the melting characteristics in the process.

Bi-Free Type Wire

Stainless steel flux cored wire is widely adopted at many fields such as petrochemical, pressure vessel, ship building, and machinery industries. This is mainly because of its superior weldability, stable mechanical performance, and high productivities.There are cracks discovered after weld at the high working temp. 700℃ or higher on conventional austenite stainless steel joints.It is because of conventional stainless steel flux cored wire contains a minute of Bismuth oxide, so Sorex develops Bi-free type wire to improve it.

Cast Iron Electrode Introduction

Carbon content more than 2.1% iron-carbon alloy, which contains rich in the world, low cost, castability, machinability and seismic performance are the reasons, characteristics for cast iron steel widely adopted and applied to different industrial fields. It is divided into grey cast iron and white cast iron. There are Nodular cast iron and vermicular cast iron of grey cast iron.

Self-Shield Flux Cored Wire

Member of the self-shield flux cored wires.Adding slag-forming agent, deoxidizer and denitrification agent with an appropriate melting point, which can be directly welded without shielding gas, and good welding characteristics can be obtained.The designs of cored flux utilize the principle of slagging and gas production of metallurgical reaction to demonstrate the joint protection of gas slag in the molten pool.It delivers efficiency 3~5 times of regular manual welding.

Duplex Stainless Steel

A matrix of 50:50 microstructure of austenite with ferrite. 30% ferrite is minimum and balance of austenite as basic organization. The duplex alloy delivers high strength, ductility, resistance to chloride induced stress corrosion cracking, pitting attack in chloride environments with superior weldability.

NiCrMo-3 Nickel-Alloy

In recent advance and industrial applications on Offshore Construction, Nuclear Power and Chemical Facilities has corrosion and heat resistance requirement. Therefore, NiCrMo-3 had been provided in most applications. Such as low temperature High-Alloyed steel, Heat-Resistant steel, 9% Ni and also suitable for joint metals of the type mentioned above.