Products List

Stick Electrode(SMAW)
So called electrodes, manual electrodes, were made by the solid metal core wire with flux coated. This category has been developed for long time and been widely used in various industrial segments.

Flux Cored Wire(FCAW)
The so-called cored wire is the welding consumables for high efficient welding. This high efficient welding material can be applied in semi-automatic or fully-automatic welding place and widely applied at steel structure (fabrication), ship building (shipyard), mechanical equipment, pressure vessel and various industries.

Solid Wire(MAG, MIG, TIG)
The solid wire product is in the solid metal type and widely used in pressure vessel, steel structure (fabrication) and mechanical equipment.

SAW Wire & Flux(SAW)
Submerged Arc Welding is high efficient welding product and is composited of wire and flux. It is widely used at steel structure (fabrication), ship building (shipyard), chemical equipment and various industries where the massive welding metals need to be filled.

Electroslag Welding(ESW)
ESW is a highly productive, single pass welding process for thick (greater than 25 mm up to about 300 mm) materials in a vertical or close to vertical position. (ESW) is similar to electrogas welding, but the main difference is the arc starts in a different location. It is widely used in the applied at steel structure box (vertical welding), pressure vessel, and various applications.

Electro-Gas Welding(EGW)
EGW use gas as arc protection & weld spool via. Gas media. It is divided by the electro consumption and gas protection. Consume electro or non-consume electrode are shielded with oxides mixed gas, and CO2 gas. It is a continuous vertical position arc welding process developed in 1961, in which an arc is struck between a consumable electrode and the workpiece. A shielding gas is sometimes used, but pressure is not applied.