Electrogas Welding For Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Welding Consumables IntroductionElectoslag welding (ESW)


1.Welding Consumables Selection and Recommendation:

  There is no particular regulation in AWS for the stainless steel ESW as it is judged and specified according to AWS A5.9 for the band comprised of EQXXX as specification.



2.Welding Operation Points:

(1)Storage Management

①Band should be properly protected and stacked, in order to avoid the matters of collision or conduction in terms of wire feeding.

②Relevant to storage management, please refer to the instructions of SAW in carbon steel.


(2)Welding Precausion

Workpiece should be placed horizontally or ≦0.5℃ the slight up-inclination; the welding in the flat position.

Collect the remaining flux after welding for recycling treatment, no need to cover all flux up.

③It is due to the shallow penetration in EGW welding. It recommends to use SAW for the bottom weld when consider the matter of hydrogen delamination.



SFB-E300 x SB-308L SB-309L SB-316L

AWS A5.9 EQ308L
AWS A5.9 EQ309L
AWS A5.9 EQ316L